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About us


Kaede Patent Attorneys’ Office was founded in 1979 by Mr. Hisao KOMORI.

We have 7 experienced attorneys and 17 talented staff.

We perform perfect and trustworthy works supported

by the advanced computer systems.

Our staff regularly attends to workshops and meetings

about IP-related laws/regulations and advanced technologies

to maintain our professional abilities.

We have several teams consisting of attorneys and staff.

Each of them is specialized in technical area as physics, electricity, machinery and commodities.

Our teams can provide best service appropriate to clients.

We file applications not only to Japan

but also to world’s major industrialized countries,

Asian countries and any other countries.

Our goal is to satisfy our clients fully about their IP.
Thus we will keep our efforts and enthusiasm for the work for our clients.

Representative Patent Attorney

Shingo Kuwashiro

事務所概要: 会社概要

Our Philosophy


We are always aware of what our customers want and provide maximum value in line with what our customers want.
What is required of intellectual property varies depending on the client's business and way of thinking.
We are always aware that we do not provide the services we consider good, but the services the client consider good.
Strive to acquire the ever-changing intellectual property laws, rules, operational standards, and

advanced technologies of Japan and other countries.
It goes without saying that we will improve the quality of service,

but each staff member will always try and error what the customer wants.
We will continue to provide the maximum service.

We aim to maximize our customers' satisfaction with their intellectual property by maintaining these constant efforts and dedication to providing service.

Office overview

Name : Kaede Patent Attorneys' Office

Location :  6th Floor Shinkin Central Bank Building 1-4-34 Noninbashi Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 540-0011 JAPAN
TEL  06-6941-3982
FAX  06-6941-3983
Founding :  1979

Representative :  Shingo Kuwashiro

Staff : 6 patent attorneys, 17 assistants (including 1 Chinese patent attorney)

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​Main customers

■ Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

High-frequency parts, piezoelectric parts, various sensors, power supplies, etc.

■ Yamaha Corporation

Audio equipment, audio conferencing system, PA equipment, etc.

■ OMRON Corporation

Automatic ticket gates, traffic systems, image recognition technology, etc.

■ SHARP Corporation

Multi-function printer

■ Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

Marine Equipment (fish finder, radar, GPS, etc.), medical equipment, etc.

■ IDEC Co., Ltd.

Switch, safety equipment, etc.

■ Sansha Electric Co., Ltd.

Power Electronics

■ Fujitec Co., Ltd.


■ JTEKT Thermo System Co., Ltd.

Industrial heating equipment

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