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Kaede Patent Attorneys' Office

ホーム: ようこそ!

We have been learning ever-changing IP-related laws and regulations (of Japan and foreign countries) and
state-of-the-art technologies to provide _our clients with_ our best services.
Moreover, we have been building good relationship
with attorneys in the world through our sincere response.
Our goal is to satisfy our clients fully about their IP.
Thus we will keep our efforts and enthusiasm for the work for our clients.


​Business content

Patent, utility model, design, trademark

Based on customer requests, we apply not only for domestic applications (Domestic-to-Domestic & Foreign-to-Domestic) but also for foreign applications (Domestic-to-) to major industrialized countries in the world, Asian countries, and BRICs. Foreign & PCT) is also available.
Industrialized countries include the United States, European countries, Canada, Australia, etc., and Asian countries include China, South Korea, India, Indonesia and others.

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Survey, appraisal

We also conduct surveys and appraisals. Investigations include prior art investigations, invalid material investigations, and third-party rights investigations. The appraisal includes a simple oral appraisal and a written appraisal. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Dispute consultation

We also provide dispute support and consultation with other companies. Disputes with other companies tend to be complicated. Therefore, it is important to understand the content of your business and take a detailed informed approach. Please feel free to contact us.


Contact us


6th Floor Shinkin Central Bank Building
1-4-34 Noninbashi Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
Osaka 540-0011 JAPAN

Phone: 06-6941-3982

Fax: 06-6941-3983

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