We have been learning ever-changing IP-related laws and regulations (of Japan and foreign countries) and state-of-the-art technologies to provide _our clients with_ our best services.
Moreover, we have been building good relationship
with attorneys in the world through our sincere response.
Our goal is to satisfy our clients fully about their IP.
Thus we will keep our efforts and enthusiasm for the work for our clients.


We have several teams consisting of attorneys and staffs. 
Each of them is specialized in technical area as physics, electricity, machinery and commodities. Our teams can provide best service appropriate to clients. 

We file applications not only to Japan but also to world’s major industrialized countries.


We perform perfect and trustworthy works supported by the advanced computer systems. 

Our staff regularly attends to workshops and meetings about IP-related laws/regulations and advanced technologies to maintain our professional abilities. 


We have 23 talented staff. 

Currently, it consists of 7 patent attorneys (2 attorneys granted the supplementary note of specific infringement lawsuit counsel), 6 patent engineers and 10 administrative translation staff.


■ Name                  Kaede Patent Attorneys' Office

■ Representative  Shingo Kuwashiro

■ Founding           1979

■ Staff                    7 Patent Attorneys 16 Assistants

■ Services              Physics, Electricity, Machinery and Commodities



6th Floor Shinkin Central Bank Building
1-4-34 Noninbashi Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
Osaka 540-0011 JAPAN

Phone: (+81)-6-6941-3982
Facsimile: (+81)-6-6941-3983