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We have 7 experienced attorneys and 16 talented staff. 

Currently, it consists of 7 patent attorneys

(* 2 attorneys granted the supplementary note of specific infringement lawsuit counsel),

6 patent engineers and 10 administrative translation staff.

Senior Partner

He majored in thermal dynamics at Kyoto Institute of Technology.

He has three years experience in the field of OLED in the R&D department at Seiko Epson Corporation.

He joined our office in 2004 and was registered as a patent attorney in 2007.

Career Background

He deals mainly with digital signal processing, sound system, electronic device, information processing.

Official activity

Chairman of the Patent Committee of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association


He majored in electric engineering at Toyama National College of Technology.
He had hands-on experience in patents in computer technology and MFP(Multi Functional Printer) technology in SHARP Corporation.
He established Komori Patent Attorneys’ Office in 1979 and has been working mainly with major electronics companies.

Career Background

He deals mainly with digital /analog technology, image processing technology, information processing technology.

Official activity

Vice President of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association
Director-General of the Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property


He finished his study at Graduate School of Science, OSAKA UNIVERSITY.

He mainly majored in theoretical physics in the graduate school. After finishing the graduate school, he started his career at a manufacturer of electronic components and then Japanese patent offices.

After establishing and running a patent office, he joined our office in June, 2015. He was registered as a patent attorney in 2007.

Career Background

He deals mainly with Machinery, mechatronics, and control technology.

Official Activity
Involved in the activity of the Intellectual Property Support Center

Takao ITOH

He majored in electronic engineering and electromagnetics engneering at Yamaguchi University.

He worked in R&D dept to develop radars in an electric manufacture.

Then he moved to IP dept. He has long experience in working in patent attorneys' offices for over 20 years after registered as a patent attorney in 1987.

He has various experiences in patent procedure, appraisement and patent litigation.


Ph.D of theoretical materials science.

He engaged in development of embedded systems in a company.

He joined our office in 2012 and deals mainly with electrical and electronic applications.


He majored in electric engineering and electromagnetics at a University.
He was engaged in design of electric facilities for infrastructure in a construction company. 

He deals with high-frequency circuit and electronic device.
He joined our office in 2014.

Akiko ONJI

She majored in polymer chemistry and synthesis of organic chemistry in the graduate school.
She had worked in research and development in a chemical company and she had worked in a patent office.
She joined our office in 2016.
She deals mainly with electronic component and acoustic equipment.